Booking Widgets

ChiDesk offers simple ways to embed online bookings for appointments and classes directly into your own web sites.

  • Navigate to Settings - Online bookings and widgets.

Under the Widgets - Appointments or Classes section you will find a block of code that your web developer can copy and paste into your own web site wherever they would like the widget to appear.

You can customise the stylesheet style by entering valid CSS code into the Custom Head Tag textbox further down the page.

Once a client has selected their preferred service/class and the required start time they can fill in their information and submit the booking. If no Client with the entered email address exists, a new one will be created. If it finds and existing Client profile with the same email address it will automatically link the new booking to their profile. 

  • If you want to offer additional client services such as purchasing of Products, Vouchers and Courses, you may want to consider simply linking to your Members area page in ChiDesk instead of embedding a widget into your existing web site.



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