SagePay PayNow Integration

Our SagePay PayNow integration allows you to direct your clients to pay for an invoice or online booking immediately via their payment page.


  1. Log in to your SageOne account. Make sure you have Pay Now listed under your Active Services. If you do not you need to contact your account manager to activate it.
  2. Browse to Account Profile - Sage Connect - Pay Now.
  3. On this page, tick the option Service Key Active and enter an email address for any notifications to go to.
  4. Choose the types of online payment you want to accept.
  5. Use the following url for all notification links:
  6. Accept URL: https://{your account}
    Decline URL: https://{your account}
    Notify URL: https://{your account}
    Re-direct URL: https://{your account} 
  7. Save this page.
  8. Return to this page and will now see a generated Service Key. Copy this and enter it in ChiDesk under Settings - Add Ons - SagePay - SagePay Service Key.
  9. Set the SagePay Vendor Key to 9998f7a2-f588-4069-be9b-f15428061631
  10. Save these settings.
  11. Browse to Settings - Online Bookings and set the Payment Processor to SagePay.

Setup a Payment Type

You now need to link a Payment Type to this payment processor so that any new receipts are set to this Payment Type.

  1. Browse to Settings - Payment Types.
  2. Edit an existing item, or create a new one for this type of payment.
  3. Enter a name, and select SagePay as the payment processor.
  4. Save your changes.

You are now ready to start accepting payments via SagePay PayNow. If you email an invoice to a client it will contain a link to make payment, and if a client checks out from your Members Area it will also take them to a page where they can begin processing their online payment.

  • NB. You must check your SagePay statement on a regular basis to pick up any transaction reversals that a client could submit directly with their bank.
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