Crediting and Refunding a Client

If you have invoiced and receipted a client for a previous sale, and subsequently need to refund them for this purchase you can follow the below steps to record this process correctly.

  • If you are removing a duplicated sale and receipt and you have permission to delete these types of items, then you can open the Invoice, delete any linked Receipts, and then delete the Invoice itself.

Create a Credit Note

Firstly, you need to issue a Credit Note to the client which effectively reduces their account balance by the amount credited.

  1. Locate the original invoice that you created and open it.
  2. Click the New Return button to create a Credit Note for the client. The items from the original invoice will be added to this Credit Note automatically.
  3. Adjust the line items if necessary. For instance, if you are only crediting them for 50% of the invoice, you could apply a 50% discount to the line items.
  4. Click Save and Close.
  • You can also create a stand-alone Credit Note by browsing to Clients - Sales and clicking the New Credit button.

Create a Negative Receipt

If you previously received money from the client, and now need to pay money back to the client from your cash drawer you must record a negative receipt for this amount.

  1. If you recorded a Credit Note in the previous steps the New Receipt screen will have opened automatically and the Amount Due and Received amounts will already be filled in as negative amounts.
  2. Click Save and Close to record that you paid this money back to the client.
  • You can also record a stand-along negative receipt by browsing to Clients - Receipts and clicking New Receipt. Enter the Amount Due and Received amounts as negative values and save the Receipt.


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