Converting from SpaGuru

If you've decided to make the switch from SpaGuru to ChiDesk there are a couple of important differences you need to be aware of.


ChiDesk is a cloud-based system which means you must have an internet connection in order to access it. If your ADSL line is down for any reason we would recommend having a backup 3G connection or device that can be used in an emergency. Since ChiDesk runs in most web browsers, this backup system could be a tablet or even a smartphone.

Data conversion

Due to the similarities in how the two system work, our developers are able to copy across most of your existing SpaGuru information. This includes clients, appointments, sales and other information. SpaGuru and ChiDesk are completely seperate applications and apart from the initial conversion, they cannot exchange data between each other.

It is your responsibility to check the validity of any converted data. Items to check would include appointments, sales, employees, item pricing, packages, outstanding vouchers, client account and loyalty balances, supplier documents etc.

Loyalty points and rewards

ChiDesk does not support loyalty rewards in the same way that SpaGuru does. On ChiDesk, loyalty points represent a currency value and are stored per client in the same manner as an account balance. Clients can earn points on sales, and then use them as the payment method on their receipts. The limitations that SpaGuru allows for in terms of maximum redemption amounts, and the reduction of employee commission for sales paid for using loyalty are not available in ChiDesk.

Discount Vouchers

ChiDesk does not support discount vouchers. Instead you can create Coupons for a specific discount which can be applied to invoices. We cannot bring any discount vouchers across from SpaGuru into ChiDesk. Normal, value-based Vouchers are supported as normal.


On SpaGuru you can optionally split package items when invoicing. On ChiDesk splitting packages is the only way of invoicing out Packages, though the final invoice you present to the client will combine the package items into a single line item.

Linked Documents

Links between accounting documents cannot be maintained during the transfer. So a Credit Note linked to a specific Client Invoice will not be maintained, although the document will still be transferred. This should not have any material affect on your reports.

SMS providers

ChiDesk only supports sending SMS messages using SmsPortal. BulkSMS is not supported. If you are currently using BulkSMS you will need to use up your remaining credits on SpaGuru before making the switch to ChiDesk.


A number of reports that you may be used to using in SpaGuru may have been consolidated into single reports in ChiDesk. Please make sure you go through all the SpaGuru reports that you use on a regular basis and contact our support staff to ensure you understand where to find this information in ChiDesk.

Pricing model

On SpaGuru you paid for the number of simultaneous users accessing the system. Since ChiDesk is a web application, the number of user accounts you choose to have is irrelevant. Instead, our pricing plans work based on the number of employees you need to manage through the application.


ChiDesk provides support for using bar-code scanners and receipt slip printers. One function that cannot be provided by a web-based system is the automated opening of cash drawers. However, most modern receipt printers can be setup to perform this function after printing occurs. Please check with your hardware supplier whether or not this is possible with your receipt printer and cash drawer.

Setup and training

A two hour combined setup and training session will be provided for any new conversions in the same manner as your original SpaGuru training. We'll run through the basic setup and then do a training session to familiarise you with the different user-interface.

Database Conversion Fee

A once-off fee of R1600 ex VAT is charged for the conversion of your database from SpaGuru to ChiDesk. This covers the conversion along with the additional setup and training session to get your staff back up to speed on the new system.

Conversion process

  1. Once you have informed our support consultants that you would like to switch to ChiDesk we will send through a new sign-up form that must be completed.
  2. Once the conversion fee has been paid we will arrange a date to do the switch-over and training session. Please note that the switch-over and training session will be scheduled for either a Tuesday or Wednesday. 
  3. On this date, a support consultant will take a fresh copy of your SpaGuru data to be converted and added to your ChiDesk account. This process should not take longer than 1 hour. 
  4. Once a fresh copy of your SpaGuru data has been taken, we strongly advise that you discontinue working on the SpaGuru system. Any new changes made to SpaGuru after this point will not reflect on ChiDesk. 
  5. The setup and training session will then take place. This session is approximately 2 hours long.
  6. From this point onwards you will need to exclusively use ChiDesk.
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