General Settings

The General Settings section allows you to define general application defaults and other settings.

  1. Browse to the General Settings screen under the Settings menu.
  2. Alter the required settings and then click the Save button to save your changes.


  • Set the default Country that will be used for new Clients.
  • The Default Receipt Type field sets the default Payment Type for new Receipts.
  • When vouchers are redeemed at your business you can set how left-over credit is treated in the Voucher Redemption field.


  • Set a Default Client which will be used for all new Invoices. It's useful to have a Walk In client set here to handle any quick sales.
  • The Hotel Client field sets the default Client to be used for any Invoice where a Room number is entered.
  • The Client Name Format defines how Client names should be shown in lists and reports.
  • Tick the Invert Account Balance check box if you want to see a credit Client account balance as a positive number.


  • Enter a From Name and From Email address.
  • Enter you Smtp Server, port number and whether or not to use SSL.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Leave the Max Per Minute setting to 5 to avoid being flagged as a spam sender.
  • Click Test to ensure your settings have been captured correctly.

Expiry Periods

  • Set the default number of months that your Vouchers expire after using the Voucher Expiry field.
  • Set the default number of months that your Coupons expire after using the Coupon Expiry field.

Printing & Reports

  • Set the Default Report Settings to use when running reports.
  • If you have a 80 mm receipt printer attached to your computer tick the the Use Receipt Printer check box to use this report format for invoices and receipts.
  • If you want to automatically print invoices when you save them tick the Auto Print Invoices check box.
  • If you want the invoice to only print after you've captured the receipt then tick the Auto Print After Receipt check box.
  • If you want to automatically print receipts when you save them tick the Auto Print Receipts check box.


  • Enter the number of Loyalty Points that should be earned for every unit of Sell Price. For example, if a Client should earn 10% back for every $1 spent, then you would enter 0.1 under the Point Calculation field. This will be used to automatically set the default Loyalty Points when entering Sell Prices.

Social Media Accounts

  • Set your Facebook and Twitter account names. These are used to insert follow links automatically into any Message Templates.

Global Settings
Global settings are settings that apply across all Sites.

  • Set the default Business Name that will be used on emails to your Users and Clients.
  • Select a Login Screen Logo. This will be used on all login screens and in the members area to brand your ChiDesk account.
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