What's New in SpaGuru 3.5.11

What the Update Includes:

Bug Fixes

  • Marketing Sent Items: After update 3.5.10, if you navigated to the Sent Items section of the Marketing Section an error popped up. This has been corrected.

  • Inventory Sales Report: Categories were displaying randomly on the report for some clients since the update. This has been corrected.

Real-Time Booking & Purchasing Engine

  • Online Booking Notification - Your Business: The therapist's name is now added to the email sent to your business confirming the online booking.

  • Online Booking Notification - Your Client: The amount payable will now also be indicated on the online booking confirmation email sent to the client.

Scheduled Messages

  • Home Screen Scheduled Messages Notification: The scheduled messages notification will now indicate to which clients sending failed if applicable.

Security Enhancements

  • Client Notes Security: There is now a new "Delete Client Notes" security task under the Clients Security Group Settings. By ticking this option for a Security Group, users from that group will no longer be able to delete already added notes on the Clients profile.

Client Section Enhancements

  • Pregnancy Due Date Field Added: A Due Date field has been added to the client's details section of their profile. A Pregnancy Due Date reminder will display in the Messages Section of the SpaGuru Home Screen on the clients due date. A Client Due Dates Report has also been added for your reference. (Menu > Reports > Clients > Client Due Dates)

Report Enhancements

  • Client Statement & Sales by Source Report: If you have added a reference on your invoices, this reference will now also display on the Client Statement and Sales by Source Reports.


Please contact the SpaGuru Support Team if you have any questions regarding any of the updates. Please also inform support if are experiencing any problems in the application or have any feature requests for future SpaGuru updates.


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