Daddy's Deals

How to setup a Daddy's Deals source on SpaGuru

Add Daddy's Deals in the Sources Section of the SpaGuru Settings

  • Menu > Tools > Settings > Sources > New
  • Name: Daddy's Deals
  • Code: DADDY
  • Commission: Leave Blank
  • Client Account: Create a Client called Daddy's Deals and save
  • Click OK

Add Daddy's Deals Services to the SpaGuru Services Section

  • Add the service under a Daddy's Deals Category and provide it with a service name such as e.g. Daddy's Deals Bliss Package
  • Set the sell price of the service to the amount that you will receive as payment from Daddy's Deals for the service (e.g. Service amount less commission)


How to Capture Bookings & Record Daddy's Deals Payments

What to do when a client makes a Daddy's Deals Booking

  • Create a booking on SpaGuru for the Daddy's Deals Service in the clients name
  • Set the source of the booking to Daddy's Deals
  • When you invoice out the booking it will automatically set the invoice to the Daddy's Deal's account
  • Add the Daddy's Deals voucher number to the reference field of the SpaGuru invoice 
  • Save the Invoice
  • Close the receipt when it opens up by clicking the X on the top right hand corner of the Receipt Screen. A message will pop up asking if you want to save changes, select No. Another message will pop up warning you that the client has an outstanding balance, select Yes.
  • The Daddy's Deals client account will automatically be updated and their account will display the amount due to your spa. You can view this account balance by going to the Daddy's Deals client's profile in the Clients Section on SpaGuru or running a client statement for the Daddy's Deals Client.

What to do when you receive payment from Daddy's Deals

  • Go to the receipts section of the financial section on SpaGuru
  • Click the new receipt button
  • Set the client to Daddy's Deals
  • Set the date of the receipt to the date Daddy's Deals paid you on
  • Set the amount due and amount received fields to the amount your received as payment from Daddy's Deals
  • Set the method field depending on how Daddy's Deals made payment e.g. Electronic


Reports for viewing Daddy's Deals account info & redeemed voucher numbers

  • To view Daddy's Deals account and to see what Daddy's Deals still owes your business: Go to Menu > Reports > Clients > Client Statement
  • To view all Sales received from Daddy's Deals + voucher numbers: Go to Menu > Reports > Sales > Sales by Source

Please contact SpaGuru Support if you need any assistance with this process. Thank you.

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