Service Types

Service Types

Setup the types of services that your establishment provides. This allows you to group your services into manageable categories. Many reports, such as the Sales report, can be run per service type. E.G. Treatments; Food & Beverage etc…

NB: The individual treatments that you provide are setup in the Services section of SpaGuru and not in your SpaGuru settings. You only setup the Type of Services that you provide in this section of the settings.

Furthermore, if your employees have different commission structures for the different services that they perform then you would also group those services as under seperate Service Types. E.G. If all your employees have the same commission structure for the services provided at your business, it would only be necessary to add one Service Type (e.g. Treatments)

Adding and Editing Service Types

Add new service types that your establishment provides.

  1. Click the New Button on the screen. A new screen will appear.
  2. Type in a Name and Description for your Service Type. Name E.G. Treatments. The description would be for your reference and it is not necessary that you fill this out.
  3. Choose a Default Tax Type that you would like this Service Type to be assigned to. If you are not Tax registered set the default Tax Type to Not Applicable.
  4. Press OK, to save your changes.

Deleting Service Types

Delete previously created service types that your establishment no longer provides or uses.

  1. Click on the Service Type that you would like to delete and click the Delete Button.
  2. A warning screen will appear asking you whether you would like to delete this service type, click Yes. Please note, the system will not allow you to delete the Service Type if you still have services that are assigned to it. First re-assign those services to a different / New Service Type before deleting the Service Type.
  3. Click the OK button, to save your changes.
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