Skype Installation Instructions & Details

Why install Skype for free?

By installing Skype on your PC you can call SpaGuru Support for free for your setup and training sessions.


Are there any PC requirements?

All you need are microphone and speakers connected to your PC. Alternatively you can purchase a headset quite cheaply from a local IT store. If you purchase a headset, we recommend purchasing one that connects via USB to your PC.

Please keep in mind that if you require group training, microphone and speakers are more suitable so that everyone can hear.


How do I install Skype on my PC?

If you don't already have Skype installed, you can download it for FREE at:


What do I do after Installing Skype?

Once you have registered for Skype, please provide SpaGuru Support with your Skype name or add us as a contact to your Skype. Our Skype name is


Please contact SpaGuru support if you need assistance. Thank you.

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