Cash Balances

Use the Cash Balances screen to run a cash up and ensure that physical cash and other receipts match what has been recorded on your system.

  • Performing a daily Cash Balance ensures that Sales, Receipts and Appointments recorded during the Cash Balance date range are locked, and cannot be adjusted by mistake unless you have permission to do so.

Adding and Editing Cash Balances

  1. Browse to the Cash Balances screen under the Cash menu.
  2. Click New on the action bar, or select an item to edit.
  3. Select the Cash Drawer you are performing this Cash Balance on.
  4. By default, the Start and End times will default to the current days work hours.
  5. You can use the Summary tab for an overview of total sales and receipts for the selected cash balance date range.
  6. Use the Cash, Credit Card, Voucher and Cheque tabs to capture the Starting Amount, Counted amount and any required Adjustment amounts for each physical amount counted.
  7. You can use the Show Calculator button to help add up Cash Denominations.
  8. Click the Save button to save your changes.
  • If you have Open Invoices, Open Receipts or Unsold Vouchers recorded during the Cash Balance period it will prevent you saving the Cash Balance until these issues have been corrected.

Deleting Cash Balances

  1. From the Cash Balances screen open the required item that you would like to delete.
  2. Click the Delete button on the action bar.
  3. If the item is not being used you will be prompted to confirm the delete by clicking the Delete button.
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