Hotel Integration

The Hotel Integration Settings section allows you to set up integration with a third party property management system (PMS). If your preferred PMs is not supported, you can also set up Email Integration which will forward any invoices to a specific email address when they are created.

Supported Property Management Systems

PMS Room Charges Full Revenue Status
Micros Opera v5.x and later Yes Yes Beta
Protel Yes No In Use
Mews Yes Yes In Use
Hotelier Yes No In Use
Semper Yes No Beta
RoomRaccoon Yes No Beta
Apex Yes No In Development

Setting Up Hotel Integration

  1. Browse to the Hotel Integration screen under the Settings menu.
  2. Select the Integration Type you want to use.
  3. Enter the Address of the integration end-point including the port number.
  4. Tick the Post Receipts check box to post Receipts to the PMS system.
  5. Tick the Post All Sales check box if you want to post all sales including non-room sales into the PMS.


  1. The Outlet Code identifies the specific outlet to the PMS.
  2. The Products Code uniquely identifies a sales item as a Product sale to the PMS.
  3. The Services Code uniquely identifies a sales item as a Service sale to the PMS.
  4. The Courses Code uniquely identifies a sales item as a Course sale to the PMS.
  5. The Vouchers Code uniquely identifies a sales item as a Voucher sale to the PMS.
  6. The Tax Code uniquely identifies the form of Tax on the sale to the PMS.
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