Set up the Products that you sell or use at your business.

  • Browse to the Products screen under the Items menu.

Adding and Editing Products

  1. Click New on the action bar, or select an item to edit.
  2. Set the basic properties of this item.
  3. Select the Product Type. This determines whether the item is for sale or for internal or professional use.
  4. Set the Brand and Supplier of the product.
  5. Enter or scan the product Bar Code or SKU.
  6. Set the Unit and Unit Quantity.
  7. Enter the Pricing details for this item. This price represents the base price of the item, additional prices can be set up using the Price List function.
  8. Under Details tab you can enter a Reorder Level to be notified when this product hits a specific stock level. The Reorder Point specifies the desired quantity on hand when ordering new stock. When an automatic order is generated, the quantity needed to reach this level will be automatically set for you. The Average Cost, Quantity on Hand and Last Purchase Price are read-only and are updated automatically as stock is sold, used, purchased or counted.
  9. The Reminder Period can bet set to automatically send out reminders to your clients after a certain number of days from their last purchase of this Product.
  10. Check the Sell Online check box if you want this product to be available for ordering in the client Members Area.
  11. Click Save to save your changes.

Performing Stock Takes
A stock take allows you to check and update the physical quantity and cost price of your products. When you save a Stock Take the Quantity on Hand of the counted items are automatically updated based on your changes.

  1. Browse to the Products screen.
  2. Click the Stock Take button on the action bar.
  3. Enter a Name and any Notes for the stock take.
  4. Check the Capture Unit Quantities check box if you want to capture quantities on hand based on the unit quantity on hand.
  5. Add Products to the stock take by searching for the item and clicking the Add button. Alternatively you can use the Add Stock Button to add products from a specific Supplier or Brand.
  6. Enter a new Counted amount in the fields alongside the product names.
  7. When you are finished setting the quantities, click the Save button to save your stock take.

Deleting Products

  1. From the Products screen open the required item that you would like to delete.
  2. Click the Delete button on the action bar.
  3. If the item is not being used you will be prompted to confirm the delete by clicking the Delete button.
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