The Messages screen allows you to track what messages are currently queued to be sent, along with all sent and failed messages.

  • Browse to the Messages screen under the Messaging menu.
  • You can use the state filter to specify what type of messages you want to see.

Resending Failed Messages

  1. On the Messaging screen select the Failed filter option to view all failed messages.
  2. Open the item you want to Resend.
  3. Check the reason for the message failure by reading the Error field.
  4. If the To address or phone number was incorrect, you can update it before re-sending.
  5. Click the Resend button on the action menu and confirm that you would like to Resend the message. The message will be added back to the Queued messages.
  • If you have sent a message in error you can use the Delete Queued button to delete all Queued messages in a single batch.
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