What's New in SpaGuru 3.6.0

Bug Fixes

  • Goods Received Note: Previously gave an error when the note was saved with a 0 quantity. This has been corrected.
  • Incorrect Date Displayed on Home Screen: This was happening if SpaGuru was left open all night, the screen did not update to correct date. This has been corrected. 


  • Audit Trial: You will now be able to view a log of the users that created, deleted and updated financial documents as well as the times when this was done. Please contact Support for further assistance.

Home Screen Enhancements

  • View Help Centre: The View Knowledge Base Button has now been renamed to View Help Centre. This is where you can view useful SpaGuru articles.

Client Section Enhancements

  • Bookings Tab: A duration column has been added to view the duration of services and  total duration of all services that a client has been for.

Service & Inventory Enhancements

  • Update Prices Function: You can now update your Loyalty Points in Bulk for your products and services from the Update Prices Button in Service & Inventory Section.

Report Enhancements

  • Sales of Service Report: This report now also splits your sales by Service Type.
  • Turnover Report: This has been renamed to Revenue Report. This report is mainly used for accounting purposes.
  • Sales Report: This can now be grouped by Client where the total sales are ranked per client.
  • Sales by Inventory Report: This is a new report that has been added where you can view the sales for specific products for a certain period
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