What's New in SpaGuru 3.6.2

Revenue Report Fix

  • Revenue Report: When the Turnover report was renamed to Revenue it had the affect of ticking the 'Use IAS18 Calculation' option by default. This caused a lot of confusion to many users as this setting is used to calculate accounting revenue, and not simply give an indication of total sales in the business.

    This update fixes this problem by defaulting the report to run as it did when it was named Turnover. If you want to calculate revenue using the accounting method, you can tick the option 'Calculate Accounting Revenue' option when running the report.

Report Enhancements

  • Service Bookings Report: This report now shows a Resource Column to see the resource booked out.

Marketing Section Enhancements

  • Message Templates: New merge fields for Employee Name and Resource Name have been added. When sending scheduled booking reminders you can now include the name of the first service in the booking, along with employee and resource names if necessary. At the moment these fields can only be used with Scheduled Messages.


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