The Classes screen provides a list of all scheduled Classes for a specific date range.

  • Browse to the Classes screen under the Appointments menu.
  • Under the filter section, select what Class States you want to view, along with the date range to filter by.
  • You can also filter Classes by a specific Employee.
  • Use the Find function to search for Classes.

Adding and Editing Classes

  • Browse to the Classes screen under the Appointments menu.
  • Click New on the action bar, or click the Edit Class link to edit a class.
  • Enter a Name and optionally select a Category for this Class.
  • Select a Class Level for the class.
  • Specify what Service is being provided during this Class. This is used for invoicing purposes.
  • Specify a Start and End date range for this scheduled Class. This determines the date range that this Class is available on.
  • You can specify a default Location for the Class if necessary. This can be edited for the individual Class Schedules at a later time.
  • Select a default Employee and Resource that will be used for this Class.
  • Set the Max Pax that can attend the Class.
  • Choose whether or not Clients can book this Class online.
  • Use the Max Online Bookings field to specify how many openings are available for booking online.
  • Next you can define the Schedule for the Class. Select the days of the week that the class occurs on.
  • Specify the Start and End Time for the Class. If a Class occurs at multiple times during the day, you will need to set these up as separate Classes.
  • Click the Save button to save your changes.

Working with Class Schedules

Once you have added a Class, individual Class Schedules for the selected date range and time are generated. You can book Clients onto these Class Schedules and manage the invoicing and other details from the Classes screen.

  • From the Classes screen click the name of the class to edit the Class Schedule.
  • You can override the Location, Start and End Time, Employee and Resource for this specific Class Schedule.
  • Under the Bookings section you can search for a Client and use the Book or Sign In button to add them to the Class Schedule. Once a client is added to a Class Schedule they will have a specific state:
  1. Booked: Client has reserved a space in the class.
  2. Checked In: Client arrived and attended the class.
  3. No Show: Client reserved a space but did not attend the class.
  4. Cancelled: Client reserved a space but subsequently cancelled it.
  5. Late Cancelled: Client reserved a space and later cancelled it but only did so within your late cancellation terms.
  • Click the Edit button to edit the Class Schedule state of a Client
  • The Courses column shows any available Courses the Client may have to pay for this Class
  • You can also see whether or not the Client has already been invoiced.
  • If you want to manually Invoice the Client for the class, or to sell them some products you can use the Invoice link.
  • Alternatively you can generate Invoices for all Clients booked onto the Class Schedule by clicking the Generate Invoices button on the Action bar. If a Client has a Course available to pay for the Class then this will be utilised when invoicing. Otherwise the Client will be charged for the normal selling price of the Service being performed during this Class.

Deleting Classes

  • From the Classes screen open the required item that you would like to delete.
  • Click the Delete button on the action bar.
  • If the item is not being used you will be prompted to confirm the delete by clicking the Delete button.
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