What's New in SpaGuru 3.7.0

Bug Fixes

  • Default Employee in Resources Section: When previously assigning a default employee to a resource and booking out the resource, it did not book out the employee automatically. This has been corrected.
  • Goods Received Note Search: Previously when you searched for a Goods Received Note in the Global Search area, it didn't bring up the document. This has been corrected.  


  • Creation Date of Booking: The booking now shows the date when the booking was created.
  • Service Colour On Booking: This strip along the side of the booking is now showing one solid colour to make it easier to see.

New Features

  • SpaGuru Benchmarking: When you log in for the first time you will prompted to join the Benchmark programme. Simply select your business industry and click OK. If you opt-in to the programme you will then have access to a Benchmark section from the Home menu where you can compare your business performance to a set of industry benchmarks.


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