What's New in SpaGuru 4.0.0

 New Features & Improvements

  • Employee Preference in Client Profile: Inactive Employees will no longer show as an option to select from when setting up the Employee Preference in the client profile.
  • Find Next Available Slot: When performing a Quick Booking you can now use the Next Available button to search ahead to find an available time slot for the selected service and employee.
  • Receipt Received Amount: When creating a New Receipt after invoicing, the Received amount is now automatically set for you.
  • Editing Prices on Invoice: New 'Edit Price on Invoice' security setting under Debtors tasks. This prevents users from giving discounts or adjusting prices on invoices.
  • Employee Time Records Report: Total added at the bottom of the Report to show all hours and minutes worked by the Employee.
  • Cash Balance Locking: When a cash balance is created it locks the selected period so no more processing of documents and receipts can take place during date range. A new security setting 'Process Changes After Cash Balance' has been added to override this option if necessary.
  • Cash Balance - Summary: The Cash Balance now includes a Summary Tab that gives you detailed information of total sales recorded, along with a summary of the payment methods used.
  • Other Payment Method: There is now a 'Other' payment method which can be used for additional third-party payment providers such as SnapScan.
  • Inventory Dates: The inventory screen now has start and end date filters for the Orders, History and Adjustments tabs.
  • Receipts Report: Discounts given on Receipts are now shown on the Receipts Report.
  • Inactive Employees: Instead of showing all inactive employees when editing a booking or document, the system will now show only active employees and any inactive employees already being used on the booking or document.
  • Client Statement Report Logo: This report will now show your business logo.
  • Loyalty Points: Service List and Inventory List Reports now show the total Loyalty Points earned for each item.
  • Arrivals List Report: You can now run the Arrivals List Report for a specific date range instead of only for a specific day.
  • Receipt Discounts: A new security task called 'Edit Discount on Receipts' allows you to restrict users from applying discounts at the Receipt stage.
  • Private Client Notes: Notes can now be marked as Private. If they are Private they are only visible to the User that created them. When the 'View All Client Notes' security task is ticked then the User can view all notes regardless of whether they are Private.
  • Client Codes on Reports: Client Codes will now be displayed on the Client Statement and Client Invoice reports.
  • Backup Warnings: New notifications for Basic listing clients to remind you to do an offsite backup every 7 days. Notifications will also be visible for longer when logging in to SpaGuru.
  • Employee Preferences: When the Employee Preference in the client section has been set, it will set that Employee automatically when a booking is made from the Home screen.
  • Client Information Form: Client Information Form report now includes a Sources section for clients to select from.
  • Off-Site Backups: You can now view all off-site backups currently uploaded by going to Menu - Tools - Database - Offsite Backups. These backups are sorted by date order and can also be downloaded from here.
  • Editing of Client Notes: A new security setting called 'Edit Client Notes' allows you to control who can edit notes on the Client profile.
  • Automatic Employee Selection for Retail Sales: You can now select an Employee for a specific User. If this is set then when you add Inventory to a document the system will set the Employee for you automatically.

 Bug Fixes

  • Update Prices Security: Users without the Edit Service or Edit Inventory security setting can no longer update prices using the Update Prices screen.
  • Edit Service on Booking: When changing a service on an existing booking, the prep and recovery times are no longer added to the total service duration.
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