Email Sending

SpaGuru allows you to use your own existing SMTP details to send email to your clients. Most service providers have restrictions on how many emails you can send in an hour, and in a 24 hour period. SpaGuru supports these restrictions by allowing you to specify how many emails are sent and how often they are sent.

However, to get around these limitations you can make use of a third-party email sender called Mandrill, from MailChimp.

You must sign up for your own free Mandrill account and purchase your credits directly from the Mandrill website. Your free account entitles you to send up to 10,000 emails per month.

By logging into your Mandrill account you can see detailed statistics about your email sending, including the number of opens, bounces and other important marketing information.

  1. Navigate to and sign up for a free Mandrill account.
  2. Once you have logged into your Mandrill account click on the Settings menu option in the left-hand menu.
  3. On this SMTP & API Credentials page you will see an API Keys section.
  4. If no key exists then click the New API Key button.
  5. Enter SpaGuru as the Description and then click the Create API Key button.
  6. You will now see an entry under the API Keys section.
  7. Under the Key column you will see a string of numbers and letters. It will look something like the following: zu2hihovhF5r1qRSNPHpBg. This will be the password used for sending email through SpaGuru.
  8. On this page you will also see a SMTP Username field, this is the username to use when sending email through SpaGuru.

Open SpaGuru and click on the Menu - Tools - Settings menu item. On the Settings screen select the Messaging menu option.

  • Change the Outgoing Mail Server setting to
  • Set the Username field to the SMTP Username shown on the Mandrill settings page.
  • Set the Password field to the API Key from the Mandrill settings page.
  • Click the Test Account Settings button to check if everything is working.


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