What's New in SpaGuru 3.7.1

Bug Fixes

  • Medical Details: Medical Details that were added from the settings section were not displaying on Invoices. 
  • Global Search Area: When searching for a Goods Received Notes in the Global Search Area no results were found. 
  • Copy Bookings: When copying bookings it kept the booking state even if the "Maintain Booking State" tick box was not ticked.
  • Loyalty Points Input: When updating Loyalty points from the "Update Prices" screen an error sometimes displayed if you entered a decimal number. 
  • Revenue Detailed Report: Redeemed vouchers were listed twice in some cases. 
  • Client Referrals and Birthdays Report: Inactive Clients will no longer show on these reports. 
  • Revenue Detailed Report: Selecting the "Group by Client" tick box had no effect on the report. This is corrected.

Settings Enhancements

  • Document and Receipt Editing Restrictions: A new security task has been added to restrict users from adding/editing Invoices and Receipts from previous days.
  • Editing of Loyalty Points: A new security task has been added that restricts who can edit Loyalty Points in a client's profile.

  • Medical Diagnoses Codes: The option to import Medical Diagnoses Codes has been added.

Booking Screen Enhancements

  • Send Email Button: When sending an email from a Booking you now have the option of selecting a Template. The selected booking information will be added to any merge fields in the selected Template. 
  • Copy By Date: You now have the option to copy a booking to the first or last day of a month. You can also use the new Copy To Date option to copy the booking to a selection of future dates.

Client Section Enhancements

  • Analyse Option: Two new analyse items have been added to check for duplicate emails and duplicate mobile numbers.
  • Date Range Selection in Client Profile: The last selected start and end dates are now saved per client computer.

Employee Section Enhancements

  • Employee Schedule: Days of the week that your business is closed on will now display as Closed on your employee schedule. 

Marketing Section Enhancements

  • Contact Groups: The last date and time that you edited clients on a contact group is now saved and displayed on the list of contact groups. 
  • Marketing Filters: A new filter option to filter by client Source has been added. 

Report Enhancements

  • Booking List: There is now an option to Show Notes that may have been added to the bookings. 
  • Service Bookings: The option to select Series services has been removed as these services cannot be booked.
  • Open Invoices: An invoice is now shown as open if the total linked receipts is less than the document total. The report also shows a Receipts column to indicate the total receipts linked to the document.
  • Inventory Movement: This report now uses your service recipes to show a Projected Out and Variance column based on your stock movement.
  • Invoices: If a billing address has been added for a client this address will automatically be used on their invoices instead of the physical address.
  • Projected Usage: A Unit Quantity column has been added to make this report easier to read.   

New Features

  • Top Spenders Report: This report has been added under the Clients report section. This report ranks clients by total spend over a certain period.
  • Suppliers: You can now select a default tax to use when ordering products from a specific Supplier. 
  • Goods Received Note: The Goods Received Note now includes a New Return button on the tool bar.
  • Medical Diagnoses Codes: The full name of the medical diagnosis is now displayed when selecting the codes on an invoice. Previously only the code was shown.
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