Members Area, Online Bookings and Mobile App

The ChiDesk Members Area empowers your clients to interact with your business directly over the internet. Our Members area page is a Progressive Web App which means clients can add the page to their home screen of their device and access it via an icon, like any other app they have installed.

From the Members Area, Clients can book appointments, reserve places in your scheduled classes, purchase vouchers and order retail products.

  • Your members area is accessible at
  • There are also booking widgets available that can be embedded into your existing web site for a more seamless experience for your clients. The widget only supports online booking of appointments and classes.

Client Registration

Before a client can make use of the members area they must register themselves for an account. This can be done by clicking the Register link from your members area login page.

Clients who already exist in your database will be automatically linked based on the provided email address. New registrations that have no matching email address will create new Client accounts in your database.


You can control how clients register, and what items they have access to from the Online bookings and widgets settings.

Payment Processor

If you are integrating with a third-party payment gateway service for payment collection, you can select which provider to use here.

Booking Time Scale

Allows you to define the starting times for each available time slot. For instance, if you set this to 30 minutes, a client will be able to select available time slots in 30 minute intervals.

Booking Lead Time

This controls how late a client can make an appointment. For instance if a client must book at least an hour in advance you would set this to 60 minutes.

Booking Days Ahead

Use this to control how far into the future a client can make online bookings.

Max Bookings Per Day

Allows you to control how many online bookings can be created for a single day. This is useful if you want to limit how many online bookings can be made to cater for telephonic or other forms of client bookings.

Cancellation Period

This refers to the cancellation notice required when cancelling a reserved place in a scheduled class. If a client cancels within this period their reservation will be set to Late Cancelled which could result in charges for the service based on your policies.

Min and Max Voucher Value

Use these settings to define the smallest and largest size voucher a client can purchase from the members area.


Enter any booking or cancellation terms that the client must accept before submitting a booking.

Members area

Under the Members area section you can define specific settings related to the members area. You can select what types of items the client can order or book, and whether or not the client must submit a full registration form or just their contact details when registering.

Booking Widgets

If you want to embed a booking form into your own website, you can make use of our booking widget option. Simply paste the required JavaScript snippet into the area you would like the widget to appear and you can being offering online bookings.

  • The booking widget only supports creating new appointment or class bookings.
  1. Navigate to Settings - Online Bookings - Widgets.
  2. Copy the block of JavaScript code from the Appointments or Classes textbox and paste this into the HTML code of your own website page where you would like the booking form to appear.
  3. You may want to surround the JavaScript code block with your own div tag to control the height of the widget.


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