What's New in SpaGuru 4.0.2

New Features & Improvements

  • Log In Errors - Auto Diagnose: When a login fails for any reason other than an incorrect username and password it now shows a slightly different error message screen. The error is shown and there is also a button labelled Diagnose. Click this button to launch the SpaGuru Diagnostic application, which will attempt to resolve the problem automatically.
  • Reports - Bookings: Booking Activity Report: This Report runs for a specific date range and shows the total bookings by day of the week. It will also show what time of day the booking took place (Morning, Afternoon or Evening).
  • Marketing - Booking Number Merge Field: You can now add the Booking Number as a merge field to include in your booking reminder or booking confirmation message.
  • Invoices - Employee Assigned: You can now copy the employee down, if you have a lot of line items and the employee is the same person. Previously you had to assign the Employee to each item manually.
  • Employee Schedule - Shift Colours: Now each Type of Shift has a different colour.
  • Error Messages - Quick Support Details: When you get an error on SpaGuru, the message box now has a Get Remote Support Button so you don't have to close the error to contact us.
  • Marketing - SMS Template: There is now a character count displayed at the bottom of the SMS template, to indicate how many characters have been used so far.

Bug Fixes

  • Receipts - Voucher Receipt: Previously when you open up a Voucher Receipt, the Select a Voucher Screen opened up first. This has been corrected so the Receipt will come up first.
  • Reports - Booking List: The booking note was not showing on the Booking List Report when you chose to show the Notes. This has now been corrected.
  • Pop Up Messages - Offsite Backup Message: Previously the Message showed the Last Backup time and not the Last Offsite Backup time.
  • Clients - Duplicate Clients: Previously when trying to combine clients, it bought up the Inactive clients with the same name. This has been corrected so it will just bring up the Active clients.



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