Integrating with a Hotel Property Management System

SpaGuru supports posting room charges against guest accounts in a selection of third party hotel property management systems.

The process is very similar to the normal sales process, except at the time of sale the user must change the client specified on the invoice, and insert a room number.

Because room charges are not being collected at the reception, it's useful to setup a client with the name of the hotel to ensure that you can easily look-up all charges that went through. You can then use the Client Statement report to hand to the hotel reception to ensure payment is made back to your business as necessary.

Recording a Room Charge

The user will follow the normal process for recording a sale. ie. Select the appointment on the calendar and click the New Invoice button.

  1. When the Invoice screen appears, change the client to the hotel client that has been previously setup.
  2. Enter the room number for the client in the Room Number field.
  3. When you click Save, the system will communicate with your hotel PMS system and check that a client is checked in to the given room number.
  4. A list of client names will be displayed so your receptionist can confirm with the client, and select which of the names to charge.
  5. Once the client name has been selected the reception just clicks OK, and SpaGuru will post this charge against their room account in the PMS system.
  6. To correct a mistaken room charge, open the Invoice and click the Unpost button to remove the charge from the hotel PMS system. You can only delete an Invoice after you have un-posted it.


  • Should the connection between the system be down for any reason the Invoice will still save but will not be posted. If you open the Invoice you can click the Post button on the toolbar to attempt to post the charge again.


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