What's New in SpaGuru 4.0.3

New Features & Improvements

  • Security Settings - Editing of Document and Receipt Dates: Previously you had the Process Documents Previous Month/Day etc. tasks. This has been changed to Edit Document Date and Edit Receipt Date tasks. These tasks Prevents users from adjusting the date of these documents. In addition, if an Appointment has been Invoiced and that Invoice falls under a particular cash balance range, you will not be able to edit the Appointment.
  • Reports - Sales Detailed: You can now run the Sales Detailed Report with various Grouping Options for different results. These include the ability to filter by Service, Product, Supplier and Month.
  • Invoices - Apply Discounts: On the Invoice you can now Right Click and select Apply Discount, to enter a Discount Amount. It will then calculate the percentage for you automatically.
  • Clients Section - Loyalty Points: The amount of Loyalty Points that a client has accumulated so far is now also shown on the Client grid when viewing all your Clients.
  • Reports - Accounting Documents: On this report there is now a new Filter By Creation Date option to run the report by. 

Bug Fixes

  • Reports - Membership Report: Previously the Report included the next day, even though the End Date was not set to include that date. This has now been fixed.
  • Services - Creating a Series: When creating a Series, you can setup a Non-Split Package as the Service in the Series. Previously you were able to select a Series as well. This has been corrected.
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