Recording Receipts at Invoicing Stage

Receipts and split payments can all be recorded directly from the Invoice screen.

  • Browse to the Sales screen under the Clients menu and click New Invoice.

Recording Single Receipts

  1. Once you have finished adding items to an invoice, you can select the Receipts tab to record how the client paid.
  2. The Total Due box will display the total due for the current invoice.
  3. The Received control indicates how much of a particular payment type you have received. It will automatically be set to the Total Due for the invoice.
  4. If you are receiving a single type of payment you can simply click the corresponding payment type button to record the Receipt.
  5. Saving the invoice at this stage will save the Client Invoice and a single Receipt linked to that invoice.
  • The Received amount should be the total amount received including gratuities. If you receive a gratuity you can stipulate how much of the amount received was a gratuity and select which employees the gratuity belongs to.
  • If any change is due after recording your receipts this will be displayed in the Change box alongside the Total Due box.

Recording Split Payments

  1. Change the Received control to indicate how much of the first payment type you are receiving.
  2. Click the corresponding payment type button to record that receipt. The Received control will automatically update with the remaining amount due for the current invoice.
  3. Click the next payment type button to record the second payment type.
  4. Saving the invoice at this point will generate two receipts linked to this invoice in the Receipts section.
  • You can record as many different type of payments as required using the above method.
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