What's New in SpaGuru 4.0.4

New Features & Improvements

  • Settings - Medical Codes: You now have the ability to setup multiple types of Medical Codes for invoicing purposes.
  • Settings - Users: Previously you had to open the User from the Settings to view the Security Group that they have been assigned to. The Group will now be available to see, without opening the User.
  • Settings - User Permissions: You can now restrict users from not performing a Cash Balance if there are any Open Bookings or Open Invoices for the time period of the Cash Balance. You will also see a breakdown of any Open Bookings and Invoices from the summary tab of the Cash Balance screen.
  • Reports - Employee Schedule: This report will now show the Projected Sales Value for the items being performed by the Employee.
  • Reports - Revenue: The Revenue Report now includes a Tax column. The final Revenue will then exclude the Tax if you choose to calculate accounting revenue.
  • Home Section - Client Birthday Notifications: Previously the notifications came through during the day. This has now been changed to ensure that Notifications are generated in the morning.
  • Export from Grids: You now have the ability to export data directly from certain grids like the Home, Financial, Clients, Services, etc. This ability is restricted based on a users ability to view these types of reports.
  • Marketing Section - Send SMS Options: You will now be able to see the character limit when sending an SMS without a template created, and the Quick SMS option.
  • Marketing Section - Check Credit Balance: You can now check your SMS Credit Balance from this section.
  • Marketing Section - Contact Groups: There is now the option to Copy a Contact Group.

Bug Fixes

  • Home Section - Inventory Levels: Previously the Inventory levels were generated each day. This has been changed to only create the message when an invoice has been created that takes the inventory level to the specified Reorder Level.
  • Supplier Documents - Goods Received Note: When applying a discount on the document, it changed the amounts to the incorrect totals. This has now been corrected.


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