Label Printing

If you are making use of a bar code scanner, or just need to print prices for your products, you can use the label printing functionality of ChiDesk.

  • Once you have generated your bar codes we recommend exporting the resulting report to a PDF and printing the labels from Acrobat Reader. This gives you more options for scaling the label than most web browsers allow for.

Printer and Label Specs

ChiDesk supports most label printing hardware, but in general we would recommend the Dymo LabelWriter range that is available from Amazon. ChiDesk prints labels using the Dymo 11352 International Return Address size. The label dimensions are 25mm in height by 54mm in width. So another label brand with similar dimensions should be suitable.

Printer Setup

Before attempting to print any labels it's important to set the default printer settings for your label printer. Browse to Control Panel, and then Printers. And then right-click the installed Dymo printer and click Printer Preferences.

  1. Set the default orientation to Landscape.
  2. Under the Paper/Quality settings choose Best printing quality to ensure printed labels scan well using your bar code scanner.
  3. Click the Advanced button and make sure the Paper Size is set to 11352 Return Address Int.
  4. Click OK to save these as your default printer settings.

Print labels for an individual products

  1. Open up an existing product and click the Print Labels button.
  2. Select the type of label you want to generate.
  3. Select the number of copies you want to create.
  4. Select the information you want to appear on the label.
  5. Click Generate.

Print labels for received products

  1. Open or save a Goods Received Note or Stock Transfer and a Print Labels button will display on the action bar.
  2. Click Print Labels.
  3. Select the information you want to appear on the label.
  4. Click Generate.
  5. The number of labels generated will be based on the quantity received on the Goods Received Note or Stock Transfer.
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