Stock Transfers

ChiDesk supports transferring stock between your different sites via the use of a Stock Transfer document.

  • Each site maintains their own average cost, quantity and purchase price for their products. A Stock Transfer will only affect the average cost of the receiving site when it is converted into a Goods Received Note.

Stock Transfer Workflow

  1. Receiving site creates a Purchase Order as normal, containing all their low stock items.
  2. On the Purchase Order, the Destination Site is set to indicate which Site will process this order.
  3. Once saved the Purchase Order appears under Outstanding Orders on both the receiving and processing Site.
  4. The processing Site can now open and view or print the Purchase Order before ensuring the items are available for transfer.
  5. The processing Site can then convert the Purchase Order into a Stock Transfer document, and adjust any items that are not available. As soon as the Stock Transfer is saved the quantity on hand at the processing Site will be adjusted down.
  6. The receiving Site will now see the Stock Transfer document listed under their Outstanding Orders. When the stock arrives they can convert the Stock Transfer into a Goods Received Note to update their stock on hand.



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