From the Gratuities screen you can track any tips or gratuities received for each of your employees. You can also use this screen to mark a tip as having been settled out of a specific cash drawer. This ensures your Cash Balance takes this into account when performed.

  • Browse to the Gratuities screen under the Employees menu.
  • You can filter the Gratuities received by date or by keyword.
  • Run the Gratuities report to report on this information.

Settling Gratuities

  1. From the Gratuities screen select the records to settle and click the Settle button on the tool bar.
  2. On the Settle Tips screen select the Date the gratuity was settled on.
  3. Set the Payment Method of the settlement.
  4. Select the Cash Drawer from which money was taken to settle this gratuity.
  5. Click the OK button.
  • If you need to unsettle a gratuity select the item in the list and click the Unsettle button.
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