Price Lists

Price Lists allow you to override base item prices based on a variety of criteria including Membership, Employee Type, validity periods and days of week.

The Price Lists screen will always have a Main Price List item that is automatically generated based on all the base pricing information set up on your items. You can use this Main Price List to bulk update base prices for your items.

  • Browse to the Price Lists screen under the Items menu.

Adding and Editing Price Lists

  1. Click New on the tool bar, or select an item to edit.
  2. If this Price List only applies to a specific Membership then select the required Membership.
  3. If this Price List only applies to a specific Employee Type then select the required Employee Type.
  4. If these prices should only be valid for a specific date range or day of week then set this under the Validity section.
  5. Use the Add Service and Add Product buttons to items to the Price List.
  6. Once an item has been added to the Price List you can edit the price on the Items list.
  7. If you want to increase the price of an item, enter a Markup or adjust the Final Sell Inclusive amount. Alternatively, you can enter a Discount or adjust the Sell Inclusive amount down.
  8. You can also edit the Commission and Loyalty Points that should be earned for the selected item.
  9. Click the Save button to save your changes.
Bulk Updating Prices
  1. Open the required Price List from the Price Lists screen.
  2. Select the Type of item you want to update and then click the Bulk Update button under the Items section.
  3. Select the Field you want to update.
  4. Enter the Amount you want to update by.
  5. Use the Type field to specify whether the Amount you entered should be applied as a Discount or flat Amount.
  6. Select how to apply Rounding on the final amounts.
  7. Click the Amount button.
  8. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Deleting Price Lists

  1. From the Price Lists screen open the required item that you would like to delete.
  2. Click the Delete button on the tool bar.
  3. If the item is not being used you will be prompted to confirm the delete by clicking the Delete button.
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