Vouchers represent money received upfront from your Clients that can be used to pay for sales made in the future. Typically these take the form of gift vouchers or cards that Clients purchase as gifts for their friends. You can track outstanding and redeemed Vouchers from the Vouchers section.

  • Browse to the Vouchers screen under the Items menu.

Adding and Editing Vouchers

  1. Click New on the action bar, or select an item to edit.
  2. You can set a Voucher Number manually, or leave it blank to have the system generate one automatically.
  3. Set the Expiry Date for this Voucher.
  4. If the Voucher is for a specific Client then set the Client.
  5. Type in a Recipient name if you have this information.
  6. Enter a Description for this Voucher.
  7. Set the Amount of the Voucher.
  8. The Used Amount field is read-only and tracks how much of the Voucher Amount has already been redeemed.
  9. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Deleting Vouchers

  1. From the Vouchers screen open the required item that you would like to delete.
  2. Click the Delete button on the tool bar.
  3. If the item is not being used you will be prompted to confirm the delete by clicking the Delete button.
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