What's New in SpaGuru 5.0.0

New Features and Improvements

  • New User Interface - SpaGuru now uses the latest Office 2016 interface and icon style.
  • Instant Search - All search screens now search automatically as you type. No need to hit Enter any more.
  • Quick Scanning - If you are making use of bar codes, you can now scan the product directly from the Invoice screen. You no longer need to click Add Product to do this. This works for Products, Services and Vouchers.
  • Automatic Product Ordering - You can specify a Reorder Point, Reorder Level and Minimum Order quantity for your products. When generating a Purchase Order you can click the Add Low Stock button to automatically fill in the required quantity to order.
  • Employee Scheduler - Employee schedules are now managed on a full scheduler, with options to view by Day, Week and Month.
  • Price Lists - You can now create Price Lists that are valid for a specific date range, day of week, membership or employee type.
  • Editable Payment Methods - You can change the name of payment methods, and remove or add payment methods as required.
  • Redeem Loyalty Points - You can now redeem Loyalty Points on receipts as a payment method.
  • Partial Voucher Redemptions - Vouchers can now be set to track how much of their total value has been used, instead of having to apply a credit to the clients' account balance.
  • Product Brand - You can now specify a Brand for your Products.
  • Product Shelf Location - You can now specify a shelf location for your Products.
  • Sales Report - New Sales By Employee chart option.
  • Grid Searching - The Quantity column on the Products screen is no longer included as part of the incremental grid searching.
  • Report Export File Names - Exported reports now use the name of the report by default, instead of just MainReport.
  • Supplier Documents Code Column - The Product Code is now shown in a column on the supplier documents item grid.
  • Custom Grid Layouts - You can now change the column ordering and layout on the Product List and Product search screens and these changes will be remembered.
  • Product Search Screen Cost - When using the Product search screen from a supplier document, the Price column now reflects the Last Purchase Price for that Product.
  • Loyalty Points On Invoice Slips - Invoice slips now show how many loyalty points the client earned for that specific sale.
  • Employees on Booking List - The employees assigned to a particular service are now shown on the Booking List screen.
  • Product List Report Low Stock Option - You can now select to run the Product List report and only show products that you are low on stock on.
  • Stock Takes Show Variances Option - You can now specify that the Stock Takes report should only show items where the counted quantity did not match what was on the system.
  • Employee Scheduled Security Options - You can now use the Edit Employee Schedule security task to set whether a specific user can add and edit new employee schedules.
  • Require Employee on Invoices - You can specify the Leave Employee Empty security option to ensure that an Employee is set on all line items on an invoice.
  • Cash Balance Date Restrictions - You can now use the Edit Cash Balance Date security task to prevent users from being able to set the start and end date of Cash Balances. The system will automatically set the start date to the end date of the previous Cash Balance performed. This can help ensure now sales or receipts are excluded.
  • Cash Balance Report Show Summary - The Cash Balance report now includes the full summary that you see when performing a Cash Balance.
  • Invoice Report Receipts Summary - The Invoice report now shows a summary of all receipts linked to it at the bottom of the report.
  • Client Statement Report Loyalty Points - The Client Statement now shows how Loyalty Points were earned and used by the Client.
  • Mobile Payment Method Support - Insert SnapScan or Zapper QR codes onto your invoices and allow your clients to settle their bill using their mobile phones.

Bug Fixes

  • Importing Medical Codes - You can now specify the Seperator and Category columns.
  • Sales Report Filter Selection - When you selected a specific Supplier to run this report for, it kept this selection even if you cleared it out at a later stage.
  • Custom Bookings Reflect as Open Bookings - Custom appointment items were flagged as Open when performing a Cash Balance. This has been corrected.
  • System Language Support - If a computer was set to a different language, such as Afrikaans, this caused problems on certain reports. This has been corrected.
  • Pressing Delete While Filtering - Pressing Delete when the grid filter textbox was focused caused the delete function of the grid to fire. This has been resolved.


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