Installing QuickSupport on Mac

SpaGuru QuickSupport allows our support staff to remotely connect to and control your computer. This allows us to assist you with any problems you may have during installation, setup or day-to-day usage. Our staff cannot connect without your consent and will not have access to your computer unless you allow them access.

Adjusting GateKeeper Settings

The default security settings on Mac OSX will prevent applications from running if they do not come directly from the Mac App Store. To get around this restriction you will need to adjust your GateKeeper settings.

Please follow the steps in the link below to configure this on your Mac:

Install SpaGuru Quick Support

Please use your internet browser to visit the following site:

  1. Choose to SAVE the program to your computer.
  2. Open the downloaded file and run the application.
  3. A new SpaGuru QuickSupport screen will appear.
  4. On this screen you will see an ID number and Password that you need to supply us with.
  5. Please supply us with this ID and Password via phone or email so we can login to your pc and assist you.
  6. Do not close the SpaGuru QuickSupport screen until we have completed assisting you as this will disconnect our remote connection.
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