Mews PMS Integration

With our Mews PMS integration, you can easily post room charges into Mews and optionally post a summary of all revenue recorded in ChiDesk against a Paymaster customer account in Mews.

  • Our Mews integration is currently in Beta so it's important to ensure that you check the posts coming from ChiDesk on a daily basis to ensure they are as expected. This should include checking the amounts, account categories and tax amounts.

Room Charges

Once an invoice is saved in ChiDesk, instead of recording a receipt, users can choose to Post the charge against a customer account in Mews. The customer can be identified via their room number or name.

  1. Create a new Invoice.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Browse to the Details tab and enter either a room number or name in the Room field.
  4. Click Post.
  5. A new window will appear displaying any customer accounts found in Mews.
  6. Click the required name to post the room charges to this account.
  • If you need to adjust an invoice that has already been posted to Mews, simply click the Unpost button. This will reverse the posted charges by posting a negative value for each charge against the customer account in Mews.

Non Room Revenue

You can optionally choose to post all invoices and that are not room charges into Mews, along with any direct receipts. To support this you will need to setup a specific customer account in Mews and classify this client as a Paymaster account.

  1. Create a new Cash Balance for the day.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click the Post button to post all invoices and receipts for the cash balance period into Mews.
  • Once a cash balance has been posted, any adjustments to documents in this date range must be manually removed from Mews in order to post the cash balance period again.

Direct Receipts

You can optionally choose to post all direct receipts into Mews as well. These will appear as external payments on the Paymaster customer account.

  • Mews only supports posting external payments of type Cash and Credit Card. For any payment methods other than these, the type will be set to Unspecified.

Voucher and Course Sales and Redemptions

When a Voucher or Course is sold in ChiDesk these amounts should be posted against a liability account category in Mews. This will be posted as a normal charge against the customer account in Mews.

When the Voucher or Course is redeemed, two separate transactions will be posted to Mews. One will reflect a negative amount to reduce the Voucher or Course liability. Along with a new charge against the type of item that was sold to the client.

  • Expired Vouchers and Courses are not posted to Mews. This will need to be handled manually.

Getting Started

In order to communicate with Mews you will need to request an API key from your Mews account manager. This will be generated and shared with us once you have requested it.

Mews Setup

ChiDesk allows you to categorize posted sales into the following types of sale:

  1. Services
  2. Products/Retail
  3. Memberships
  4. Courses
  5. Vouchers
  6. Gratuities
  • You can setup a separate Account Category in Mews to match each of the above. General, Courses and Vouchers should not be treated as revenue at the time of sale.

You will need to setup a new Service in Mews for us to post charges against. It's best to name this ChiDesk so it's easy to identify and posts coming from our system.

If you are going to be posting all revenue and direct receipts in Mews, you will need to setup a new Customer in Mews and classify them as a Paymaster.

ChiDesk Setup

Once you have completed all the required Mews setup steps you can open ChiDesk and navigate to Settings - Hotel Integration.

  1. Set the Type to Mews.
  2. In the Address field enter your full Mews account url. Ie.
  3. We will provide the API key for the Authentication field.
  4. Tick Post Receipts if you want to post direct receipts.
  5. Tick Post All Sales if you want to post all revenue.
  6. Under the Codes sections enter the Account Category code from Mews for the Products, Services, Memberships, Courses and Vouchers fields.

Finally, in the Custom field you will need to manually enter the following text:

{ "ServiceId": "xxx","CustomerId": "xxx", "GratuityCode": "xxx" }

You will need to enter the full unique identifier from Mews for the ServiceId and CustomerId fields, and the Account Category code for the GratuityCode field.

Once all the above is done you can see if the connection is working by saving your changes and then following the steps listed under the Room Charges section to create a new Invoice and attempt to post it.



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