Appointment Not Showing on Scheduler

This article covers a few of the most common issues that could result in an appointment not showing on your appointment scheduler.

Incorrect Scheduler Filters

Often an Appointment may not be visible on your Scheduler because you have selected a different set of filter options to that of your new Appointment. For instance you may be viewing only Available employees, but the Appointment has been assigned to an Employee with no shift.

Similarly, you may be viewing the scheduler by Resource, but have not assigned a Resource to the Appointment. See the below item for more detail on this particular issue.

No Employee or Resource Assigned

It's possible to add an appointment that has no Employee or Resource assigned to it. When this is done, the Appointment is only visible on the Appointments list section as it cannot show under a specific Employee or Resource column.

Inactive Appointment State

If someone has edited your default set of Appointment States they may have inadvertently set your initial appointment state to Inactive. This could result in you adding a new appointment and finding that it does not show under your Active appointments. On the Scheduler screen change the state filter from Active to All States to check if this is happening.

Different Date to Scheduler Date

It's possible to add a Service to an Appointment and then manually adjust it's start date to a different date to your current Scheduler selection.

Start Time Outside Work Hours

The Scheduler only shows your selected work hours. Appointments created outside of these hours will not be visible on the Scheduler. A common mistake is to manually adjust the start time of a service to 12:00 AM instead of 12:00 PM resulting in the service not being visible during your selected work hours.

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