eBucks Integration

The ChiDesk eBucks integration allows you to redeem eBucks vouchers presented at your business.

  • This functionality is only available to clients who have contracted with FNB and eBucks to provide this service.


Tutuka facilitates the usage of eBucks vouchers for FNB. They will provide you with a Terminal ID and Password to use for your account.

  1. Navigate to Settings - Add Ons - eBucks
  2. Enter your Terminal Id and Password in the provided fields.
  3. Click Save.


When a client presents an eBucks voucher to redeem you can follow the following steps to validate and redeem it:

  1. Navigate to Items - Vouchers.
  2. Click the eBucks Voucher button on the toolbar.
  3. Enter the voucher number in the field provided.
  4. Click Save.
  5. If the voucher number is valid and has a balance available a success message will be displayed and you will be directed back to the Vouchers section. A new Voucher will be created in ChiDesk for the full amount of the eBucks voucher. It will have it's Category set to eBucks to make it easy to identify.
  6. You can now redeem this Voucher as normal to pay for whatever service the client has come in for.


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