Cash Balance Not Balancing

This article covers a few of the most common issues that could result in your cash balance not balancing for a given date range.

Wrong Date and Time Range

By default your Cash Balance start date and time will be set to the last Cash Balance end date. In some situations you may have permission to adjust this date and this can lead to certain invoices not being included in your selected date range. Most often, the time range is incorrect so certain transactions fall outside your selected start and end time.

Wrong Payment Method Selected

Often a user will select the wrong payment method when recording a receipt. So for instance, instead of selecting Credit Card they select Cash.

Incorrect Cash Drawer

If you have multiple cash drawers setup, make sure you have the correct cash drawer selected for your cash balance. Also, ensure that each invoice and receipt has been assigned to the expected cash drawer.

Incorrect Change Given

When a receipt is recorded the change given field will be filled in automatically for you. In the event that no change has been given this can lead your counted cash to not balance correctly.

Gratuities Not Settled

If you have recorded a gratuity on a receipt, and this has not been settled then this will cause your cash count to be incorrect. Make sure under Employees - Gratuities that all tips have been settled correctly.

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