Customer Satisfaction

ChiDesk has built-in customer satisfaction functionality to help you learn more about how well your staff are performing, and how your clients really feel about your services.

You can setup an automated message that goes to your clients the day after their appointment that invites them to rate their appointment. They'll be able to rate each individual service out of 5, as well as add a comment about the appointment as a whole.


You can send a customer satisfaction survey link by using the Message Templates functionality.

  1. Navigate to Messaging - Message Templates.
  2. Create a new Sms or Email template.
  3. From the toolbar, use the Insert Merge Field menu item to select the {Ratings Link} option. This will place a link to the ratings page into your template.
  4. Make any additional changes to your message and then save your template.

Now that you have a custom message to send to your clients you can setup a Scheduled Message to automatically send the message to clients who had Appointments the previous day.

  1. Navigate to Messaging - Scheduled Messages.
  2. Click New.
  3. Set a Name and Type for the Scheduled Message.
  4. Use the Dynamic List dropdown to select Appointments Yesterday.
  5. Select the Message Template you created in the first part of this article.
  6. Set a Start Time, and then choose Daily as the Run Type.
  7. Save this new Scheduled Message.

You've now completed the required setup for sending customer satisfaction surveys to your clients. When a client submits a rating you will be informed about the rating on email to your Site email address.


Once you start receiving ratings you can use the Customer Satisfaction report to view the ratings by service and employee.

  1. Navigate to Reports - Appointments - Customer Satisfaction.
  2. Select a date range and optional employee to run the report for.
  3. Details about any ratings will be displayed, and an overall average rating will also be calculated.



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