No Available Times for Online Bookings

This article covers a few of the most common issues that could result in the online booking area showing no available times.

Booking Lead Time Restriction

If you have setup a Booking Lead Time under Settings - Online Bookings, this will prevent any new bookings being created until after the defined period. So if this is set to 24 hours, then only time slots 24 hours in the future will be available, so nothing might show for the current date.

Max Bookings Per Day Reached

Similar to the above, the Max Bookings Per Day field will also prevent any further online bookings if it is met. So if this is set to restrict total online bookings to 10, then after 10 bookings are received for a specific date no further available times will display.

No Employee or Resource Available

If you find a specific Service is not showing any availability it's important to check that you have an Employee setup who can perform the service, and who is available for the specified time. If the Service requires a specific Resource then make sure the Resource is also not double-booked.


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