Reinstalling or Moving the SpaGuru Server

At some point you may find you need to move your SpaGuru server installation onto a different computer. This could be due to failing or old hardware on the computer or a variety of other reasons.

Make sure you contact SpaGuru support before allowing a technician to reformat or take away your existing server computer. This will allow us to ensure we have a working backup of your database for use on your new computer.

There is no charge for reinstalling the SpaGuru server on a new computer if the old computer has failed due to hardware or operating system issues. For any other kind of move we charge a once-off fee of R500 to cover the time taken in re-installing and moving your data for you.

  • We strongly advise not to attempt a reinstall without the assistance of a SpaGuru support consultant. There are a number of things that must be in place to ensure a successful transfer. For instance, it's essential to ensure the version installed and the database backup taken are the same or you will have to reinstall again. You also cannot activate your license on another computer without us deactivating your old server license.

Important Steps

  1. Backup your SpaGuru database to a flash disk, or other external storage.
  2. Copy the database backup onto your new computer.
  3. Download and run the SpaGuru QuickSupport application on the new computer and provide the id and password to our support consultant.
  4. Our consultant will start the new installation.
  5. Once completed we will apply all the required updates to ensure the installed server is the same version as your database backup.
  6. Ensure the time-zone on the new server is set to the same time-zone of the original computer.
  7. Your database backup will then be restored.
  8. We will then activate your license on this new computer.
  9. Any additional outstanding updates will be applied.



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