Client Retention

The Client Retention report gives you a breakdown of total visits, unique visits, repeat visits and a percentage retention rate for each of your employees.

  • It's important to run this report for a short time frame, usually around a month. If you run the report for the entire period that your business has been open, it will always show that all your clients are new. Running it for a shorter time interval ensures it can determine which clients are new, and which are repeats.

Total Visits

Total Visits is calculated based on the total invoices generated for a client over a certain period of time. It is different to the Total Unique visits in that if a client comes to your business 3 times in the selected date range it would should 3 in this column. Total Unique visits would only count this client as having come in once.

Total Unique

Total unique refers to the total unique clients that visited your business during the selected period. For instance, if a client came in for 5 treatments, they would still only be counted as 1 client in this column.

Total Repeat

Similar to Total Unique, this column counts all unique clients who came to your business during the selected date range, but also have visited your business before the start date of your selected date range.


The Retention percentage is calculated by dividing Total Repeat by Total Unique.

Total Spend

Shows the total invoiced amounts for this employee and date range.

Average Spend

This is calculated by taking Total Spend and dividing by Total Unique.

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