Gmail SMTP Settings

This article will help you troubleshoot adding your Gmail SMTP settings into ChiDesk.

General Setup

Outgoing Mail Server:
Use SSL Tick Box: Ticked
Outgoing Port: 587 or 465
Username: Email Address


If you are receiving a failure message when attempting to send a test email, it's most likely that Gmail has flagged the incoming connection as un-safe. You need to specifically allow it in your Gmail settings.

  1. Open up your Gmail account, you should have received an email with the subject "Sign-in attempt prevented" or something along those lines.
  2. Open up your email and click on the "Learn more" hyperlink
  3. Underneath "Access your account" click on the "Allow less secure apps" hyperlink > select "Turn On"
  4. You should get a yellow pop up saying "Updated"
  5. The security settings that was blocking the access of your Gmail account has now been turned off and your email sending should now work.
  6. Go back to ChiDesk and try to send a test email again.

If you are still receiving authentication errors you may also need to perform the below step, which allows logins from different time-zones on your Gmail account.

  1. Follow the link and allow access by clicking the Continue button.
  2. Go back to ChiDesk and attempt to send a test email.



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