Electronic Consultation Forms

You can allow your clients to fill in their personal details and accept your terms and conditions via an online form. This can either be sent to the client via a link in an email, or you could use a tablet in your business to allow clients to submit their data electronically.

  • Once the form is submitted you'll receive an email notification that the client has completed the form. You can view the submitted details in their Client profile, or use the Client Details report to produce a physical copy.


A client will need to register on the Members area in order to get access to the online account form where they can submit their additional details including any Custom Fields that you have setup as part of the consultation data you want to capture. Remember to mark them as Public so they appear on the form.

  • If you have entered terms that must be accepted the client will have to tick the 'accept terms' checkbox before they can submit the form. The date they accept the terms is stored on their Client profile in ChiDesk.

Email Link

If you would like to send an email to the client, possibly as part of your automatic confirmation or appointment reminder message you can use the following link: https://<YourAccount>.chidesk.com/Members/Account

When the client opens this link they will be prompted to login to the Members area. Either they can login using their existing account, or they can register a new one. After logging in or registering the client will be taken to the Account page to submit their details.


If you would like clients to submit their details on a tablet you would open the above link in a browser on your tablet and ask the client to register, and then complete their details. Or if they have an account already they can login and submit their details. Place a favourite link on the tablet home screen that automatically opens the above link, to make it easy for your staff to get to this page.

  • NB. Once a client has submitted their details on the tablet, make sure you choose Logout from the Members area menu to ensure the next client starts the process from the beginning.
  • If the tablet is used exclusively for submitting electronic forms you may want to set it up to clear all history and cookie after the browser closes. This will ensure each new session starts from scratch.


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