Sending Bulk Messages

ChiDesk has built-in functionality to send Emails or SMS messages to your Clients. Before sending out a message you need to setup a Message Template and a Contact List to send to. Once you have these setup you are ready to send your message out.

  • ChiDesk supports sending to Contact Lists with less than 8000 contacts. For larger marketing campaigns we recommend using our MailChimp integration to export contact data directly into MailChimp.

Sending a Message

  1. Navigate to Messaging - Contact Lists.
  2. Click the Send Message button on the tool bar.
  3. Choose the Type of message you want to send.
  4. Select the Contact List you want to send to.
  5. Select the Message Template you want to send out.
  6. Click the Next button the tool bar.
  7. You will see a brief summary of your selections. Click the Send button to start sending the messages immediately.
  • Email and SMS messages are sent out in small batches per minute. For very large contact lists this process can take some time.
  • If you have made a mistake and need to cancel the sending you can browse to Messages - Messages and click the Delete Queued button on the tool bar to delete any pending sends.
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