Products and Stock Control

ChiDesk includes numerous product and stock related reports to assist you in managing products and performing stock takes.

Stock Takes

When performing a stock take you use the Stock Take List report to generate a printable stock sheet that can be used to make your physical counts.

  1. Navigate to Reports - Stock Take List.
  2. Choose the Type of items you will be counting.
  3. Filter to a specific Supplier if needed.
  4. Click Run Report to generate the report.
  5. Use the Print or Export button to print or export the report for further processing.

Tracking Stock Movement

  • The Stock Takes report will show you all Stock Takes performed over a certain period.
  • The Stock Movement report gives you a summarized view of all changes in quantity for your products over a given period.
  • The Stock Adjustments gives you a detailed overview of every change recorded in your product levels, including the date and time the change was recorded.

Stock Management

  • The Projected Usage report shows you upcoming product usage based on any Service recipes you have setup.
  • The Valuation report will give you an estimate value of products based on their stored Average Cost.
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