Voucher Design Customisation

ChiDesk includes a range of built-in Voucher designs by default. However, if you want to customise these designs to match your own brand or design aesthetic this is possible using our built-in report designer.

Each voucher template design consists of a header image that is used as the preview image when your clients are selecting which design they prefer. You can get a graphic designer to design your own header images based on the below specifications.

Graphic Design Specifications

Header images should follow a ratio of 16:9 to fit into the existing voucher templates. We recommend the image dimensions are limited to 1280x678 pixels. Images should be compressed into a JPEG image for optimal results.

  • Your business logo will be displayed along with the detail of the vouchers, so there is no need to include your logo or any voucher details in your custom header image.

Editing the Voucher Designs

  1. Navigate to Home - Reports - Voucher.
  2. Click the Design button to be directed to a new design window.
  3. You will see a drop-down showing which Template you are editing.
  4. On the right-hand side of the screen you will see a Properties panel.
  5. Expand the Appearance section, and then the Watermark section.
  6. Click the edit button alongside the Image property and select your new image.
  7. Once selected, click the menu in the top-left of the report designer and click Save.
  8. Switch to another Template using the drop-down menu if you want to adjust other templates.

Once complete, browse to the Members area and make sure your new designs are displaying as expected under the voucher purchasing section.

  • If you do not want a specific template to be select-able in the Member area you can set the Watermark image to an empty value and save the template design. It will no longer display for selection in the Members area.
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