Getting Started

We really appreciate you joining us at ChiDesk, and we know you'll love it when you see how easy it is to manage your appointments, classes, sales and marketing.

We built ChiDesk to help businesses manage their operations more effectively, and we hope that we can achieve that for you.

When you login to ChiDesk for the first time you'll be taken to the Welcome page that will help guide you through the setup process.

Step 1

The first thing to get setup correctly is the list of services, products and optionally classes that you offer at your business.


Services have a name, duration and other requirements that you can book out on your scheduler. Follow the Services article for full details on how to setup a Service.


Products are the stock items that you sell to customers or use when performing Services. Follow the Products article for full details on how to setup a Product.


If you offer Classes that start at a scheduled time each day, you can set these up as Classes. Follow the Classes article for full details on how to setup and work with a Class.

Step 2

Once you've defined your set of Services and Products you can setup your Employees and their Schedules.


Employees are assigned to specific Appointment Services or Class Schedules to indicate who is performing that service. Follow the Employees article for full details on how to setup Employees.

Employee Scheduler

Once you've setup your Employees you can use the dedicated Employee Scheduler to setup the dates and times that they are working at your business. Follow the Employee Scheduler article for full instructions.

Step 3

It's time to start setting up your Client and Supplier accounts.


Clients represent the customers who visit your business. Follow the Clients article for full details on how to setup Clients.


Suppliers are used for ordering and tracking stock with your stock Suppliers. Follow the Suppliers article for full instructions.

Step 4

In this final step you can begin customizing how the system operates by editing and setting up various application settings.

General Settings

On the General Settings page you can open the General link and setup default system settings, your own custom branding and email sending details. Follow the General Settings article for full details.

Scheduler Settings

Under Scheduler Settings you can adjust Appointment settings, work hours and automatic notifications. Follow the Scheduler Settings article for full instructions.

Online Bookings

If you are offering clients the ability to book online, you can adjust the various settings on this page. Follow the Online Booking Settings article for full instructions.

Begin Your Trial

Now that you've setup the basics you can start trying out the system to see if it suits your business. Our customer success agents will be in touch to assist you during this process.

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