Mobile App

Our Members area page supports the functionality of a Progressive Web App (PWA). Progressive Web Apps can be added to the home screen on most devices and accessed like a regular native app by your clients. Any functionality improvements we make to the Members area are immediately available via the PWA.


Any settings that affect the existing Members area (Settings - Online Booking) are also used to configure how the PWA operates. The only additional setting required is to set a custom Icon under Setting - Online Bookings - Style. This is the icon that will be added to their home screen.

  • The uploaded icon image must be square, and must be 1024x1024 in pixels. If this specification is not met, the app will not be installable.
  • If no icon is specified then the default ChiDesk icon will apply, so it's important to add your own icon to brand the app under your own business.


Android and Other Devices

On most Android and other devices, clients will automatically be prompted to Install your Members area on their device. This will take a form of a small banner along the bottom of the screen prompting them to install.

iOS Devices

Whilst iOS supports progressive web apps, they have not currently fully implemented the functionality to prompt clients to install. They also have additional restrictions in terms of what browser the user must use in order to install the PWA. At present, users must use the Safari browser on their device, and manually click the Share button and then choose Add to Home Screen.

Install Page

To support both iOS and Android devices we've created a dedicated Install page that assists the users on both devices to install the PWA. This link can be retrieved from the Settings - Self Service Links section.

The Install App link can be shared on an email or SMS message to your clients. On Android devices the normal Install banner will show. For iOS users they will be instructed to open the page in Safari and guided on how to add it to their home screens.

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